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horseangel - 1 out of 5 - 02/16/2012

Watch this place. Lorene Star Lawson was investigated for horse abuse in 2008 and found in violation for horse abuse by Animal Control and the MD. Horse Industry Board. She was caught for running a Non Profit scam. She was never a "registered" Non Profit 501 C3. She started this scam in 2002 and was turned in in 2008 to the IRS and the Secretary of the State of MD. She eventually did comply and get registered. But she collected lots of money during the 6 years. Do a Goggle Search "Horse Farms Non Profit Questioned, Frederick News Post" and do another search "Buyer Beware When You Donate, Frederick News Post" She claimed Bankruptcy in 2009 and bought a new home in Florida in 2010 and still own their farm and another home in Frederick. She and her husband Bill have a history in the Frederick Co. Court System-Criminal and Civil. They both have a shoplifing charge in Frederick, Md and she was again arrested for shoplifting in Florida in Oct. 2011 Horse community is very aware for Star Lawson having had personal dealings with her. She deals with beginners who will not have a clue. I witnessed the horses not being fed for days and watched them turn into skeletons. Animal Control was called numerous times, only to hear Star say that the horses in question were no longer there. It turns out they were there and she was caught lying. She is a good liar and if you question her, she will give you the answer you want to hear. Call other places if you want to learn how to ride. All the area riding stables know her very well. She was sued several years ago because she left a young child on a horse unattended and the girl fell off and broke her arm and had to have several surgeries. As the court case was coming to trial, the Lawson's claimed bankruptcy and got rid of over 30 Creditors! She also gets $1,000 in Social Security Disability. She teaches, rides and runs this bad business. Go Figure!
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